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WebMechaniks provides a holistic solution to cater to all your digital marketing needs. Right from web designing and development to SEO Services, SEM services, Google Ads, digital media buying, social media optimization, and social media marketing services and app development as well. At WebMechaniks, we understand your objectives and provide suitable marketing solutions which ensure that you achieve your desired results.

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We usually focus on a different key performance indicator (KPI) for every channel so they can accurately measure the company’s performance across each one. A digital marketer who is in charge of SEO. For example, it measures their websites “organic traffic” of that traffic coming from website visitors who found a page of a website through Google Search.

Digital Consultancy

Achieve your digital marketing in-house with the help of advice from specialists with the latest market knowledge.

Brand Marketing

Increase your visibility multiple times. Showcase your brand on portals related to your company that get high traffic.

Performance Monitoring

Steps on how you can increase traffic and sales by monitoring social with your clients and develop the report.

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Being a leading Digital Marketing Company, getting the digital media list and helping as a digital media buying agency is what we do to help our clients in obtaining their desired goals. Right from knowing the wants to strategizing, negotiating and purchasing the digital media space. We provide a complete digital purchasing solution.


We learn about the requirements, goals and expectations of our clients and suggest plans that comply with the client’s expectations. After the baseline status is accessed, the next step is to ask questions related to the research and requirements. Answering these questions is the heart of the action plan that directly leads to the formation of a good design strategy..


We design a good strategy that is creative, realistic and idealist. Continuous monitoring, discussion, changes and revisions are required for the successful execution of a strategy. We will present few sample ideas on the site. Choose the one that is found to be the most suitable for the site. You can expect us for working on it until you find it perfect..


By this stage, the discussion and all other communications will have resulted in a clear picture about what we are working and goals that need to be met. We will provide you rough details such as estimated project cost, project initialization date, project time line and the vital launch plan. With your Your approval and bountiful payment are enough for us to get started with your project.


Our quality testing and QA team check the site rigorously and see if there is anything wrong. We will guarantee that the final product is meeting up with all the compatibility requirements and proposed specifications.


This is our final stage. The website launch is done After writing codes for all sections in appropriate manner we will launch the website. We will give life to your dream project after getting a final confirmation from our development team . we will make your dream online interface live. Making a project live after several weeks of teamwork is our greatest pleasure.

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